Overview dashboard

Get a summary of your business performance

Measure your profit, revenue, expenses, and the number of customers. Select the interval and the granularity. Track against previous periods.

  • Current state

    Measure the performance of your main KPIs right away. Compare current performance against past values.

  • Evoloution and trends

    Support your decision-making process by identifying the underlying trends and past business performance.

Google Sheets dashboard

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Explore dashboard

Get actionable insights by exploring your data

Identify growth opportunities by segmenting your revenue streams. Monitor churn rates and measure the impact of customer acquisition.

  • Segment your data

    Visualize the contribution to each of your KPIs by transaction source. Get a better understanding of your cash flows.

  • Track customer movements

    Identify issues by monitoring your churn values. Quantify the impact of your marketing activities based on your customer base activity.

Data anlaysis Google Sheets

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Forecast dashboard

Get ready by projecting your business performance

Estimate future performance and take action before it's too late. Project your revenue and track your performance against forecast.

  • Custom projections

    Just select the forecasting window and the aggregation interval. Project your revenue, expenses, or customer number.

  • Track against past performance

    Compare your forecast against past performance. Identify issues opportunities by early detection of missed expectations.

Forecast dashboard from Google Sheets

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