A Google Sheets dashboard
for small businesses

Save time tracking your company's performance. Drive better decisions by exploring your data. Act early by projecting future performance.

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As easy as sharing a Google Sheets link. We don't store your data.

Your business at a glance

Get a real-time update of the metrics you care.

  • Keep yourself up to date

    Get the core business metrics by just checking the dashboard. Stop wasting your time getting the same reports over and over.

  • Watch your business grow

    Visualize the evolution of your business and detect changes in trend. Select your date range, and data aggregation.

Summary dashboard

Your questions answered

Let data drive your business decisions.

  • Get actionable insights

    Identify opportunities by segmenting your revenue streams. Track the churn rate and quantify user acquisition initiatives.

  • Detect issues early

    Get a projection of the future performance of the main KPIs. Early identify missed expectations, and forecast on future bookings.

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